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We travel – a lot – for our jobs, and that means we spend a lot of time online booking flights and accommodation. is a website that we've come to trust, and one that we rely on for almost every trip we take. The website is easy to use, the user reviews are reliable and we love that on the app you can search for "hotels around me" – super useful for very last-minute bookings. 

Please note that if you book a hotel via the links on this site, we may qualify to earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). So if you do book from this website and we do earn a little something: thank you. 

Hi, we're Mark and Narina, two professional travel writers (and the authors of Secret Bali) who set up home in West Bali a few years ago.

That wasn't our intention when we came to South East Asia: we were simply living on the road, moving from assignment to assignment and basing ourselves wherever our work took us – from Thailand to Vietnam to Bali, with time spent in Kenya, Spain, Mozambique, Croatia, Greece and other places inbetween.


Mark lived in Pekutetan, a village in West Bali, in 2002 and between assignments we'd return to Bali again and again, specifically to the west of the island to visit the family he'd lived with. We were drawn to the peace, to the people, and to the beautiful sense of freedom we feel out here, and so when we decided it was time to find space for our books and Mark's growing collection of surfboards, it was pretty obvious where "home" would be.


We have set up this website to share the part of Bali we love with other travellers who're searching for destinations off the beaten track, and who're looking for authentic Bali experiences. We hope you find inspiration to travel to this special part of the world – and if you have any questions, please drop us a line.

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