Bali Salt


• Bali Salt is on Jalan Kresna, which is easy to miss. Look for the yellow Easy Divers sign, and look for the small road next to that. Bali Salt is about 20m down this road, on the left.

• The Bali Salt shop is open daily, 8am to 7pm. If you arrive and it is closed, the owner might be at his house, adjacent to the shop. 

• The Bali Salt factory, which is further down the same road as the shop and is also on the lefthand side, is closed on Sundays.

Bali Salt

Bali Salt sells the quirkiest (and most delicious) artisan salt we've ever come across: pyramid-shaped pieces of salt. "It just happens this way, naturally," says the owner of the store, whose "factory" is a few hundred metres down the road from the shop. It's well worth stopping here when you pass through Pemuteran – the bags of flavoured salt make for delicious and unusual souvenirs. 

The shop


There is a range of salt for sale at the shop – from black salt (which contains charcoal) to turmeric salt, rosella salt and, our favourite, smoked salt. The salt is packaged in sealed bags of various sizes – excellent for gifts to take home. 

The factory

Ask at the shop if you can take a look at the factory, which is where the magic happens. The salt is bought from the nearby Madurese community ​that makes salt from seawater; at this factory, the salt is rinsed and dissolved in freshwater (taken from a well on the property) and the water is then evaporated in the greenhouse. The salt is flavoured here – our favourite, the smoked salt, is smoked over coconut husks – and sorted and graded. It's an interesting place to visit.

– For more on Bali Salt, please see our book, Secret Bali

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