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West Bali National Park​

Night falls silently on the west coast of Bali. I know this because I slept there, on a beach – and in the early evening as I watched a volcano disappear into the darkening sky, there was barely a sound. Behind me an entire national park clambered back from the shore’s mangrove fringe and stretched towards distant mountains of rainforest – and yet as night fell, the world was almost silent

Roadtripping West Bali

I’ve been travelling to Bali’s isolated southwest coast regularly over the last decade and by now I feel that I could do the drive blind-folded. But that would be such a waste, as this is surely one of the world’s most fascinating little road-trips.

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Buffalo racing in West Bali


In the moment before he passed out entirely I catch an unnerving glimpse of the young man’s eyes. They are glazed and wild. My Balinese guide answers my stunned questioning look with a shrug. “It’s a common emotional reaction,” he smiles, “the rider was just possessed by speed craze.”

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