Hidden Well Cottage

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Hidden Well Cottage

Tucked into a coconut grove just 175m from
a quiet beach, Hidden Well is a comfortable one-bedroom cottage on the remote west coast of Bali. It's a colourful, private home with a gorgeous open-air bathroom (which is set in a large garden) and huge ironwood bath that's been positioned for star-gazing. It's private; it's quiet – there's something very special about this place.


Hidden Well is beautifully designed, well-equipped cottage that's perfect for couples who're looking to escape the world. Travellers who value connecting with nature and the soul of a place will appreciate spending time here. Surfers will love being a seven-minute drive from Medewi, as well as a five-minute walk from a very secret surf spot.


Hidden Well is a very comfortable home away from home. The centre of the cottage is a tranquil, air-conditioned bedroom and office space, and wrapped around this in a wide, breezy veranda is the vibrant (and well equipped) kitchen and living area. This outdoor living space, positioned next to the property’s traditional well, transitions seamlessly into a lush tropical garden that is always bursting with colour. The spacious outdoor bathroom features a shower beneath the palm trees and a huge hardwood bathtub positioned for stargazing. It is the perfect hideaway for travellers looking for a romantic getaway from the craziness of Bali’s popular tourist destinations.


The cottage has a lush garden with outdoor dining area. The kitchen is well equipped with a coffee grinder and plunger, blender, fridge with freezer, gas cooker, pots and pans and various cooking utensils. There is a desk in the air-conditioned sleeping/office area, as well as a small library of books. A vast stretch of beach is a 175m walk through banana plantation.


Hidden Well is as its name suggests: very hidden. It's on the fringe of Pekutatan village, a seven-minute drive from Medewi, and is conveniently close enough to restaurants. It's exceptionally quiet and peaceful at the cottage. 

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