Juwuk Manis waterfall


• Take some water with you – you'll be grateful for it on the walk back up.

• When it rains the path can be exceptionally slippery.

• The walk to the waterfall is basically straight down a hill.

• Please remember to take your trash back
with you.

Juwuk Manis waterfall

If you love chasing waterfalls, you'll find your bliss in Bali. There are plenty around the centre of the island and they're pretty popular with travellers, but at Juwuk Manis here in West Bali, you're likely to have the waterfall and rock pool all to yourself...


The road from Pekutetan to Juwuk Manis is one of the loveliest on the island, and you'll see spectacular views along the coastline from the way up. The walk down to the waterfall is steep but not difficult (you'll find it more comfortable to walk down in walking shoes than in flip-flops), and there is a pool at the bottom – perfect for swimming in. The path is well-maintained – it's stairs and paved all of the way, and there is a toilet down near the waterfall.

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