Magus Homestay

Room from about
US$ 14 a night

(incl breakfast)

– Ideal for –



Family holidays

Escape the crowds

Longer stays

Magus Homestay lies just north of the main road in Pemuteran and is a 10-minute walk to the beach. The location of this small hotel is secluded enough to make it a pleasantly quiet place for an extended stay on a budget.    

What's the appeal?


Free wifi and a sense of secluded peace and quiet makes Magus Homestay a great place to relax, read or get some work done (at a cost that is unlikely to stretch the budget). The staff are extremely friendly and helpful (even by the pleasant standards of Pemuteran) and, although the accommodation is relatively simple it is good value and has convinced a lot of travellers to extend what might have been a fleeting visit to this peaceful beach village.



There are five rooms (doubles and twins) and although the décor is not imaginative they are clean, tidily made-up and relatively spacious. Breakfast is included and is best eaten on the small private terraces that overlook a shady tropical flower garden. Breakfast is simple but at the rates charged here you could divert some extra cash towards a minor splash-out at our favourite Pemuteran breakfast venue, Bali Balance Café (100m down the road).



Every room has its own outdoor bathroom, which is simple but spacious; they're well maintained and are kept clean. This is a favourite accommodation for divers on longer stays (or with a budget to watch) and the property is linked to a dive shop and tour operator called Arum Bali Dive. There is a laundry on-site but it is fronting onto the street and is far enough removed from the rooms not to be noisy.



Lying 100m off the main road through Pemuteran (on the mountain side), Magus Homestay is easily accessed via two relatively narrow gangs (alleys). Take the most eastern access however if you are in a car because the other involves an almost impossibly tight corner. It is a 10-minute walk to the long beach that runs along the length of the village and the staff can arrange transfers to all sights in the area.

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