Make coconut oil

Coconut oil Medewi.jpg

• Classes cost Rp200,000 per person

• The class is about 3 hours long

• Contact Ratna and Sup via WhatsApp on +6285737301901

Make coconut oil

Across Indonesia coconut oil is a common staple in most homes – both as a beauty product and an essential cooking ingredient. Ratna is a young woman who grew up making the oil with her mother – and she now hosts lovely, informal "classes" where you can make your own small bottle of coconut oil in the way that it is traditionally made here in Indonesia.



Ratna and her husband Sup live in a quiet part of Medewi, up among the paddies and coconut groves. Once you turn off the main road near Medewi's big mosque, it's a scenic drive to reach their home. The location is marked on the map below. Google maps is likely to give you two route options; we recommend you take the route that goes past Rasta Cafe. While it is longer, the road is in good condition and it's a very scenic drive. The road along the river is quite pot-holed.

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