Massage in Medewi


• Hour-long massages cost Rp100,000.

• Open hours are roughly 9am to 6pm.

• Massages are often done with homemade coconut oil.

Massages in Medewi

One of the joys of travelling in Bali is that massages are really affordable – and in Medewi, it's likely you'll experience the best you'll have on the island. And it comes with a sea breeze and ocean view.


There's not much privacy when you have a massage at Medewi's beachfront – but don't let that faze you. The people around are far more interested in watching the waves that watching your chill-sesh. Women will likely find dressing and undressing easier if they wear a bikini and a sarong. 


Our friend Pak Nasri is a very intuitive healer (that's him in the photo above) and he's helped us and friends with everything from digestive issues to sports injuries and migraines. He doesn't have a phone so it's difficult to get hold of him, but you can often find Nasri early morning and late afternoon tending his cows in the coconut grove behind the paddle-out channel. If you ask around at the point for Nasri, someone might be able to find him for you. Expect to pay Rp150,000 a session; a session is as long as it needs to be.

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