The low-down on Negara




Distance: 110 km from airport

Travel by car: 4 hours

Cost: Expect to pay about Rp600,000 with a driver


• Fishing boats at Perancek

• Buffalo cart races

• Church at Palasari

• Banks and ATMs

• Supermarket shopping

Know this...​

...if you drive

The road to Negara is the same one that connects Gilimanuk, the port town close to Java, with Denpasar – and so it's usually packed with (often old) slow, overloaded lorries. Don't drive this road in a hurry, and avoid it after dark, when you'll be less likely to see the broken branches that are used instead of warning triangles when a truck breaks down. 

...if you need cash

There are a few ATMs next to Hardy's supermarket where you can withdraw up to Rp2,500,000 (many other ATMs in this part of Bali allow a maximum of Rp1,250,000).

...if you need groceries

Hardy's Supermarket is the biggest in West Bali and you'll be able to stock up on most essentials here. Know that dairy products (yoghurt, pasteurised milk and butter) are often not available. Hardy's has a small booze store where you can get wine and spirits.

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