The low-down on Pemuteran




Distance: 165 km from airport

Travel by car: 4,5 hours

Cost: Expect to pay about Rp700,000 with a driver


• Diving and snorkelling

• Swimming beaches

• Family-focussed hotels

• Wildlife

Know this...​

...if you're looking for a party

Pemuteran's a pretty quiet town. Because of its proximity to Menjangan it has grown to cater for tourists, but this growth has been careful and there's no tacky, touristy vibe here. There is no nightlife to speak of, and if you'd like a beachfront bar then the restaurant at Taman Sari, an upmarket resort with food at reasonable prices, is your best bet.  

...if you want to snorkel

There is an artificially created reef just off the beach at Pemuteran, which makes for lovely snorkelling. There are a few outlets at the beach where you can rent mask, snorkel and fins for Rp50,000 for the day.   

...if you want to chill at the beach

The beach can get really hot – the sand there is grey – so if you want to spend the day at the beach you'll need some sun protection. You can rent a beachfront lounger at Taman Sari resort for about Rp50,000 for the day.

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