Perancak fishing boats

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• If you get to Perancak in the morning, you have a good chance of watching the fish being sorted and off-loaded from the boats

• It gets really hot here around the middle of the day. You might be more comfortable in the early morning or mid- to late afternoon – and there's like to be more activity then, too.

Fishing boats at Perancak

There are so many different types of fishing boats around Bali, and the ones that harbour in the river mouth at Perancak are probably the most spectacular on the island. The boats – called perahu selerek in Indonesian – have a crew of about 20 and operate in pairs, so you will always see two boats moored alongside each other. A pair will be painted in almost identical patterns and colours, with one referred to as the male and the other a female. If something happens to one of the boats and it can no longer be used, the remaining one is referred to as janda, a widow.

Know this


Sea and fishing conditions determine when the boats will be out, so it is likely that only a handful will be in the harbour – the wide river mouth – when you visit. Even so, it's well worth a visit.

If you're hungry


There are two simple restaurants (with clean bathrooms) at the river mouth.

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