Rambut Siwi temple


• Rambut Siwi temple is a 10-minute drive from Medewi.

• Entrance is Rp20,000 a person, and you will need to wear a sarong.

• It gets really hot here around midday, so an early morning or late afternoon visit is advisable.

Bunt Bulong sacred tree

We've never been able to find out much about folklore surrounding this tree but what we can tell you is this: it's well worth a visit. The drive up there is super-scenic and from the tree you'll have views across jungled hills of what used to be West Bali National Park.


It'll take you about 25 minutes to drive up here from Medewi. You'll be driving right past a police station so if you go by scooter, wear a helmet. If you go up by car, wind the windows down as cloves and cacao pods are often drying next to the road, and perfume the air. The drive up here is beautiful and at certain points you'll get spectacular views along the coastline. 


There are two small warnings (simple eateries) on either side of the road and both offer patrons lovely views. The food is basic (tie goring, gado-gado, bakso) and very cheap.

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