Scenic road across Bali

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• This road is most picturesque early in the morning, so plan to leave at first light for the most scenic drive.

• It’s only about 40km from Pekutatan to Seririt, but the drive is likely to take you about 1.5 hours.

• There are a few simple warungs (eateries) along the route but there are also some very scenic viewpoints that can make for ideal picnic spots.

Scenic road across Bali

The most beautiful road you’ll travel in Bali. While it’s possible to drive to the north coast via the circular route (via Gilimanuk) you’d be missing out on a spectacular experience if you don’t take a road-trip on the peaceful little road that connects Pekutatan (near Medewi) with Seririt.

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The road climbs from Pekutatan through Bali’s most historic rubber plantation (established by the Dutch and occupied by Japan during WWII), then in a series of beautiful switchbacks through clove and cacao plantations to Bunut Bolong, a sacred tree. If it’s dawn, the mist is likely to be rising eerily from the jungle valleys of West Bali (home to hornbills, deer and monkeys…and occasional rumours of tigers). Batukaru Volcano looms on the right – at its most spectacular against the rising sun. 

As you reach the summit in the centre of the island (after about 40 mins) you’re presented with an option to continue directly northward over the high point at Puncak Sari – through the hill-town of Telaga – or detour eastwards through Pupuan. Although the Puncak Sari route looks more direct beware that road conditions can be rough (with occasional landslides) and is a smaller road with sections that can feel extremely tight if you meet a truck coming the other way. The Pupuan route is quicker and more reliable – and despite being a slightly bigger road it has equally spectacular landscapes. 


The downhill run towards Seririt (40 minutes west of Singaraja / 50 minutes east of Pemuteran) passes through forested valleys and some picturesque paddies. The north coast is far more arid and you might be surprised to see cactus scrub, dragon-fruit and cashew plantations and even vineyards here (and yes, you can go wine tasting, too).

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