The low-down on Balian




Distance: 55 km from airport

Travel by car: 2,5 hours

Cost: Expect to pay about Rp450,000 with a driver


• Surfing

• Yoga

• Wild beaches

Family holidays

Know this...​

...if you surf

There are some resident bullsharks off the coast of Balian, and over the past 10 years there have been five reported shark attacks at the break. Every attack was when just after the rain, when the nearby river turned the sea brown and visibility was poor. According to locals, each attack seemed to have been a case of mistaken identity: the bullshark bit the surfers once, then left them alone. If you surf here be sensible: stay out when the water's dirty.

...if you yoga

Classes are held twice a day at Pondok Pitaya. Check at the hotel's reception for class times. Classes cost Rp125,000 each; yoga mats are provided.

...if you're hungry

There is a bar/restaurant called Sushi Surf right on the beach at Balian. It has excellent sushi, a good selection of cocktails and fantastic views across the coastline. 

...if you want to swim

Pondok Pitaya has a beachfront swimming pool that's open to non-guests if you order food or drinks from the hotel's restaurant.

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