The low-down on Medewi




Distance: 90 km from airport

Travel by car: 3,5 hours

Cost: Expect to pay about Rp600,000 with a driver


• Surfing

• Wild beaches

• Chilled island life

• Ramput Siwi temple

Know this...​

...if you drive here yourself

The road from east Bali out here is not great: it is often busy with overloaded trucks and risk-taking buses, and we do not recommend driving out here at night if you're not familiar with driving in Indonesia. If your flight lands in Bali after midday, we suggest you chill out and spend one night closer to the airport before leaving for West Bali the next morning. If you choose to drive straight through to Medewi, expect to arrive about 4,5 hours after your plane lands. If you're looking for a driver, please click here.

...if you surf

Medewi has the longest lefthand break in Bali, but there's a right-hander here too. To get to the right-hander, walk south along the beach, just over the first river. It's really rocky at Medewi so take along your reef-boots, or hire a pair once you get there. Ask one of the local surfers where the paddle-out channel is – this will save you (and your board) from navigating the rocks.

...if you need to get laundry done

There is a small laundry on the road to the beach. Drop your clothes off here in the morning and they'll usually be ready early evening.

...if you're hungry

There is a surprisingly large number of restaurants around Medewi. The newest hotel in town, Bombora, is at the surf point and has excellent food with an unbeatable view. The food at Rasta Cafe, up in the paddies, is delicious, fresh and MSG-free.

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