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Surfing in Medewi

Guide to surfing in Medewi

• Best conditions for surfing in Medewi are usually around high tide.

• Surf lesson: around Rp300,000 for an hour (board included).

• Board rental: around Rp80,000 per session.

• Medewi Board Riders is the local surf club. See their  Facebook page for local news and contacts.


Medewi is loved by surfers. It's known for having Bali's longest left-hand break – and also for Medewi's rocks, which deter beginner surfers at low tide.There are different sections to the wave that are suited to different levels of surfers, as well as various surf spots (including a right-hander), so whether you're a pro or just starting out, there's likely to be a spot for you.

The paddle out


Ask one of the local surfers to point out the paddle-out channel; it'll save you (and your board) some time navigating the rocks. At low tide you might prefer to surf with booties; if you don't have any you can rent a pair from one of the surf shacks for around Rp30,000 a session. 

The right-hander

Walk a few hundred metres south of the point's paddle-out channel and you'll reach the right-hand beach break; it's just across the river.

Yeh Sumbul


When you stand at the surf point and look across the bay towards the west past the fishing boats, you'll be looking at Yeh Sumbul. There is a beach break along here.

Need a board or lessons?

There are a few surf shacks around the point at Medewi, where you'll be able to rent a board for around Rp80,000 a session. There are so many guys from Medewi who offer lessons – which usually cost about Rp300,000 (one-on-one) for an hour – just head to the surf point and ask around, and you'll soon find someone to give you a lesson.

Ding repair


The guys at Medewi's surf shops, which run along the road to the beach, are experts at ding repairs and will have your board fixed up in no time. 

Harris Surf Villa
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