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Things to do near Menjangan

Birdwatching, diving, snorkelling, trekking, cycling, kayaking – and simply being in a part of Bali that is far away from any crowds. That's what you've got to look forward to when you head out to Menjangan, and West Bali National Park.


the reefs and walls around Menjangan Island. Occasionally whalesharks are seen here; turtles are common and you're likely to see rays, reefsharks and an abundance of soft corals. 


above the corals of Menjangan Island. There is an abundance of marine life here – and while it might seem pricey to go for a morning snorkel, we reckon it's definitely worth the price tag. 


the Bali Starling Breeding Centre in West Bali National Park, where you'll see the birds that were once among the rarest in the world.

Bali starling breeding centre-3.jpg

or cycle in West Bali National Park (with a guide). There is very little infrastructure here, but you can expect to see macaque monkeys, Menjangan deer and the relatives of your chicken burger, green jungle fowl.


in the natural hot springs that are channelled through the beautifully quiet Mimpi Menjangan dive resort. These pools are available to resort guests only.


at dawn is one of the activities offered at The Menjangan resort – and is well worth getting up for. There's a chance you'll see an endangered Bali starling, or a Scops owl. 


the village and beach of Pemuteran for the day. There's a peaceful beach that wraps around a wide bay, with beachfront hotel restaurants and some corals just offshore, if you're wanting to snorkel. 

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