Things to do near Menjangan

Escape the world 

There are some truly spectacular hotels and resorts in this part of Bali... beautiful places where you can enjoy peace, privacy and nature.

Dive and snorkel

There is an abundance of marine life around Menjangan Island – and while it might seem pricey to go for a morning snorkel, we reckon it's definitely worth the price tag.

Visit West Bali National Park

There is hardly any infrastructure in this park, but you can expect to see macaque monkeys, Menjangan deer and the relatives of your chicken burger, green jungle fowl. 


There's a lot more to do around Menjangan – we just haven't gotten around to writing about it yet. Watch this space... there's more coming (interesting temples to visit, walks to do, a breeding centre for one of the world's rarest birds).

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