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Things to do around Negara

Perancak boats near Negara.jpg

Negara is the perfect area for travellers who like to head out on their own and discover "new" roads and "unknown" places. Surrounding this small city there are intriguing fishing boats, an unusual Catholic church and some of the prettiest vistas on the island.


the road less-travelled. Early morning is a beautiful time to explore the Negara area, which is flanked by rice paddies, and the forested hills of West Bali National Park. Look out for farmers using buffaloes to plough the paddies.

Road near Negara.JPG

the dramatic mekepung – buffalo chariot races – in the paddies near Negara. Expect to see decorated buffaloes, bright chariots and lots of blood, sweat and dust.


the colourful fishing fleet moored in a river mouth near Negara. The boats here – always seen in pairs – are unlike any others you'll see around Bali.

Hotels with great views

Sacred Heart of Jesus, a Catholic church in the pretty hillside town of Palasari, not too far from Negara. It is quite unexpected – and magnificent to see. 

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