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Where to stay in Balian

Where to stay in Balian

Our Balian hotel collection showcases some of the best hotels, villas and homestays in the area – excellent places to stay if you're wanting to go surfing or do yoga, and for a getaway with family or group of friends.

– $$$ –

Pondok Matekap

This private three-bedroom villa is perfect for family getaways. It's well equipped for longer self-catering stays, and has everything from racquets and balls to board games and body boards. 

Pondok Matekap-1.jpg

– $ –

Hut and Hideaway

Hut and Hideaway is a small, contemporary riverside villa. It's so peaceful here – wonderful place to escape the crowds, do some yoga on the deck and enjoy nature.

Hut and Hideaway in Balian.jpg

– $$ –

Pondok Pitaya

There is no hotel in Balian that's closer to the waves than Pondok Pitaya. It offers a range of accommodation, from double rooms to villas that sleep up to five adults. 

Pondok Pitaya in Balian.jpg

– $$$ –

Villa Delmara

Villa Delmara is an exclusive four-bedroom villa that overlooks a quiet stretch of beach just east of the Balian River. The perfect place for a private, luxurious getaway.

Villa Delmara in Balian.jpg

– $$ –

Temuku Pupuan

– near Balian –

Temuku is a peaceful three-bedroom house on an organic farm that's 26km inland and uphill from Balian. It's beautiful here.

Temuku Pupuan West Bali.jpg

– $$$ –

Gajah Mina Beach Resort

This resort stretches across the ridge that juts into the ocean at Balian, offering good views of the swell. Easy access to Balian beach from up here.


– $ –

Gubug Balian Beach Bungalow

Gubug is a short walk up the hill from Balian beach. It offers excellent views of the ocean, so you can check surf conditions from your veranda.

Gubug hotel in Balian.JPG
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