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The Melaya Villas

The Melaya Villas Negara.jpg

Villa from about
US$ 150 a night

(excl breakfast)

– Ideal for –



Intimate weddings


Longer stays

Peace and solitude

Escape the crowds

Pet-friendly stays



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At the secluded Melaya Villas, three private three-bedroom villas look out across their own 15m-long swimming pools, with a quiet beach at the end of the gardens. Travellers looking to stay in a self-contained villa in a remote location, would probably consider this to be paradise.

What's the appeal?


Peace and privacy in a tropical setting – that's what Melaya Villas does best. Some might consider the location to be too remote, but those who're wanting to get away from everything and are happy to spend time alone will likely be really happy to unwind here for a few days. The three three-bedroom villas are a fantastic place for a family getaway or small event like an intimate wedding.

Pet friendly


You are welcome to bring your pets to stay at Melaya Villas – but please keep in mind it is your responsibility to look after and clean up after your pets.



The Melaya Villas consists of three identical villas that are separated by a dense "hedge" of tropical plants. Each villa looks out across its own 15m-long swimming pool, and the long garden ends on a quiet beach. A large open-plan living area with a kitchen forms the centre of the villa, and three en-suite bedrooms branch off this central space. One of the villas has a barrier between the living area and the pool, so be sure to request this one if you're concerned about children and water safety.



Each villa has a 5x15m swimming pool with a jacuzzi at one end. The kitchen is equipped with the basic necessities for a self-catering stay (including a freezer, microwave and Nespresso machine) and guests who would prefer to have meals provided can arrange for the villa cook to assist with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The living area of each villa has a TV, DVD player and some movies supplied; there are also a few board games in each villa. Just to the west of the villas is a reef where you can snorkel, and the departure jetty for access to Menjangan Island (spectacular diving and snorkelling) is a 20-minute drive away. The villas are sometimes used for intimate gatherings, such as a small wedding, and Melaya Villas can work with an event planner to organise special occasions. 



The Melaya Villas are located along the beach between Negara and Gilimanuk, which is the port town where ferries connect Bali with Java. It's a very quiet beach that is used by fishermen. There is no town nearby – take a look on Google Maps and you'll see  they're just off the main Denpasar-Gilimanuk road, with a few houses – barely forming a village – nearby. The West Bali National Park and Menjangan Island are only a 20-minute drive away.

The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
The Melaya Villas Negara
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