Welcome to West Bali.

This is your guide to the old Bali. The unspoilt Bali. The Bali you've always dreamed of visiting: jungled hills and paddied terraces, and wild, open beaches. This is the Bali where time slows, where space is abundant, and where life is marked by ceremony after ceremony.

"Adeng adeng". You’ll hear this phrase over and over again in West Bali. Literally it means "slowly slowly" but it could also be said to sum up a laid-back tropical lifestyle that’s fast disappearing on the rest of the island.


If you drive out this way you’re sure to have had a solid introduction to the adeng adeng philosophy long before you even arrive in the west: there will come a point in the three-hour drive when you suddenly realise you’re breathing slower, relaxing deeper into the car seat and that the tension in your shoulders has eased for the first time since you dragged your kitbag
(or surfboard) off the baggage carousel.


Welcome to West Bali. Welcome to paradise.
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