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Diving and snorkelling in Menjangan

Diving and snorkelling Menjangan West Bali

Menjangan Island falls within West Bali National Park.

Park entry fees:

Foreigners: Rp200,000 per person on weekdays, and Rp300,000 per person on weekends and public holidays.

Indonesians: Rp10,000 per person on weekdays and Rp15,000 per person on weekends and public holidays.

Fee for diving/snorkelling includes park entry.

• According to the official activity fees (see photo below) the price is Rp1,200,000 per person snorkelling and Rp1,600,000 per person diving – however, every time we've gone snorkelling the price has varied depending on how many people are in a boat. In our experience you can expect to pay around Rp1,700,000 for two people (Rp850,000 per person), and considerably less per person if you're in a larger group. This fee includes park entry (which is higher on weekends, see above), boat transportation, a guide and snorkelling gear.

• Snorkelling is a half-day activity, and you'll usually go into the water twice, in different locations. If you're keen to spend more time under water, have a word with your guide – perhaps for an additional fee you'll be able to visit another site.

• Boats to Menjangan Island leave from Labuhan Lalang and Teluk Terima Beach (see map below for the locations).

• Many dive operators are based in Pemuteran, and they also offer trips to Menjangan Island (usually departing from Pemuteran beach).

Diving and snorkelling around Menjangan Island

The diving and snorkelling around Menjangan is exceptional. The abundance of marine life around Menjangan Island – which lies within the boundaries of West Bali National Park – is absolutely staggering, and the corals are bright and colourful. What will you see when diving or snorkelling? Turtles here are fairly common; you'll probably see pygmy seahorses, clownfish, sea fans, nudibranches, parrotfish, scorpionfish – the list goes on. Reef sharks can sometimes be seen and, occasionally, whalesharks too. We've also seen flying fish from the boat and, occasionally, a pod of dolphins. Menjangan really is an astounding place to explore under water, and the best place to snorkel and dive in Bali. Visibility here is usually excellent (50m+), and the island is known for the impressive walls that form spectacular dive sites. 

Know this


You will need to go to either Labuhan Lalang or Teluk Terima Beach (both are marked on the map on this page), where you will pay at the park ranger office. From these points you will take a boat to Menjangan Island, a trip of about 20 minutes. There are two components to the rate: a flat national park entrance fee (Rp200,000 per person on weekdays and Rp300,000 per person on weekends and holidays – rate as of 1 August 2020), plus the dive or snorkel fee, which varies according to how many people are on the boat. See if you can join another group if you want to keep the price lower. There are basic toilets and showers at the Labuhan Lalang and Teluk Terima Beach, and there is a toilet on Menjangan Island. 

Who to dive and snorkel with


It's very easy to arrange a snorkel or dive trip yourself – simply go to the ranger station at Teluk Terima Beach or Labuhan Lalang, pay the fee and get on a boat. The offices here open at 8am and we suggest you arrive then so that you can enjoy your snorkelling before any wind picks up. The resorts around Menjangan have their own dive centres, so if you're staying there they'll be your best bet for organising trips to Menjangan. There are many dive operators in nearby Pemuteran and all of them offer snorkelling and diving trips to Menjangan Island. 

Go prepared


The private dive operators and resorts usually arrange refreshments, but if you're travelling on your own and arranging your trip directly through the ranger station then take some water and a few snacks on the boat – you won't be able to buy anything on the island, and snorkelling does work up a hunger. There are a few warungs at Labuhan Lalang and Teluk Terima Beach, and you'll probably appreciate having lunch here as soon as you return. The Pantai ("beach") restaurant at The Menjangan resort is situated on a deck above the edge of the sea, and is a fantastic place to have a meal after snorkelling or diving. 

There might be rubbish


Trash is a problem all around South East Asia and, although Menjangan Island falls within West Bali National Park, there can be a lot (as in, disturbing amounts) of plastic in the water at times. There's no specific time of year that trash conditions are better – it depends on so many variables, including currents, and you might have a trash-filled morning snorkel and not see a single piece of plastic in the afternoon. If you'd like to do your bit to save the planet, you might like to snorkel with a net bag or wear boardshorts with pockets, and pick out some of the plastic you come across.

Double up


If you're wanting to do a few activities around West Bali National Park (trekking, cycling, do a mangrove tour or go birding), you will pay less if you do them all on the same day (because: park fees). Head to the ranger station the day before you'd like to do the activities, so that you can organise to get an early start and, for example, go birding before you snorkel.

Official activity fees
Official West Bali National Park activity fees (as of 1 August 2020)
West Bali National Park fees Aug
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
Snorkel and dive Menjangan
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