West Bali National Park

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• The park entry fee for foreigners is expensive: Rp200,000 per person on weekdays, and Rp300,000 per person on weekends and public holidays.

• The price for snorkelling depends on how many people are in a boat, and the price includes park fees. For snorkelling, expect to pay from Rp1,700,000 for two people. This includes park fee, boat transportation, a guide and snorkelling gear.

West Bali National Park

When you look at a map of Bali, you're likely to see a dark area of green – denoting West Bali National Park (or, in Indonesian, Taman Nasional Bali Barat) – somewhere around the western point of the island. The size and position of the park is likely to differ on every map, because the park has officially been downsized over the years. When it was founded in 1941 the park was 740 square kilometres, and in 1985 it was reduced to 190 square kilometres, with the remainder being designated a protected reserve. The park now covers the most north-westerly corner of Bali and includes stretches of protected coral reefs and pristine beaches, and holds rainforest as well as mangrove forests, lowland forests, dry savannah and acacia scrub.

Know this


West Bali National Park was created to protect the last of the island's tigers. The last had been hunted off the land years before the park was created, however, and it's now home to Menjangan deer, the rare Balinese black monkey and 160 species of birds, including the endangered Bali starling.

What to do in the park


The infrastructure of the park is quite basic, so don't go expecting a good network of roads and a variety of camps, because you'll be disappointed. There is essentially one road – but good opportunities to go jungle trekking, cycling and bird-watching, as well as snorkelling and diving. All activities need to be done with a guide, and this can be arranged at the park office.

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